I have always enjoyed working with my hands. In fact I know it’s in my families blood. Johann George Wackler born June 8, 1793 was Superintendent of blast furnaces and the foundry for The Emperor of Austria! My great grand father had a foundry in Baraboo Wisconsin he repaired Circus Wagons among other things.

 I did crafts even in grade school. I hammered my first silver ring from a Quarter. Right after graduating from high school in1968 I went to college in Boulder but dropped out early as the retail gold and silversmith shop that I started in Denver was taking up all my time.

 I ran the store profitably for a few years. Then I began making and wholesaling Art Jewelry to galleries. I estimate that I made 20,000 cast rings and pendants in my 20’s.

 In my 30’s I became a gem merchant. I specialized in fine Ruby’s and Sapphires. My sales territory was Sun Valley to Santa Fe. The traveling wore on me so I set up my studio again in Boulder.

 I began cutting Fantasy cut gems and built a shop to do work like the great jeweler Faberge.

 I then worked for a European Royal as his head work master making objects in the style of Faberge for most of the 1990’s

I now do my own art, teach and do global consulting in the Jewelry and gem business.