Henry Hunt- Lapidary Carving for Creative Jewelry
Lapidary Carving for Creative Jewelry

 This book deals with carving transparent gemstones (Tourmaline, Garnet, Beryls...), and it does go into depth, it has a wealth of good information as well as good pictures on stone types and mineralogical information. A sophisticated, down to earth analysis of the gemstone designs that have changed the face of the jewelry world.
3rd Edition- $59.00

American Lapidary Designing the Carved Gemstone
American Lapidary
Designing the Carved Gemstone
American Lapidary is a must-read loaded with how-to and ideas for anyone who carves gem materials or is interested in learning more about the technical and design aspects of gemstone carving. This book provides a strong emphasis on the tools and techniques required to produce various types and styles of carving in gem materials.
4th Edition $59.00

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A word about this new edition from Henry Hunt..

Lew Wackler has been in Lapidary amost as long as I. He is also a very experienced teacher, and has been using these two books in his classes for many years.  When the books went out of print a  few years ago, his students began having serious problems locating copies, new or used.

Lew came up with the idea of duplicating both books with the same binding and covers for use in his classes.  I liked this idea and went even further, suggesting printing up a larger amount so that it would be available for other students as well.

All the pictures and text are the same.  It is in truth a duplicate.  In the future, changes might be made.  The are newer techniques and newer tools that should be demonstrated, and it would be nice to add them.  But for the time being, I am extremely grateful to Lew to go to the trouble and expense to make new copies of this book.  Now my books are available to people who are seriously interested in the art of the carved gemstone.

Henry Hunt

January 2012
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